About Home & Investment Loans

There are a variety of loan products available in the marketplace and lenders are constantly changing their product features. It is no wonder that some might be confused or overwhelmed with the amount of information and broad range of options available.

To help you understand your options better, we’ve put together a basic guide to the following:

Loan Types

From variable, fixed or interest only loans find out what your options are in order to choose one that would best suit your circumstances.

Product features

When choosing a suitable loan, there are a broad range of different features and benefits to consider. Knowing what’s available can help you make a well informed decision based on your financial situation and needs.

Fees, cost and charges

When applying for a loan, you will most likely be liable for a range of fees and charges in relation to that loan. Make sure you are aware of all of them before making your decision.


Besides the major banks, there are other types of lenders which can also provide funding solutions when considering a loan. Find out the difference between banks, building societies and credit unions, retail lenders and specialist non-banks.

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